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I have to admit, I wasn’t that into the whole idea of prom and wasn’t extremely looking forward to it. However, once I had decided on my dress, which i only did a few days before, I started to get more excited.

My friends and I all got ready together which made us even more excited for the evening, however, we probably spent more time talking than actually getting ready. We took loads of photos in my friend’s garden before heading off. The whole evening was absolutely incredible and was such an amazing way to start the summer. The only bad part about the evening was the rubbish buffet!

I had such an amazing evening with most of the people I have spent the last five years with and am so grateful for the people who have made these past five years special (most of these people are in the picture above). We all shared a lot of laughs and hugs throughout the evening as well as some bad dance moves and I am so excited to have an amazing summer with them.